Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Don't make war in part of yourself that you can't change, instead accept the shadow side of yourself, brokenness weakness, downfall as well as your strength are always part of your wholeness..

Peace, the word of freedom that everyone needed. To make peace you must be at peace, and peace begins in every heart of individual. But how can you find the inner peace? The answer is in your heart, and it will begin when you start spreading your wings free and flee, then move beyond your anger toward forgiveness. Peace sees similarities among us , don't threat Co's differences can make barriers. Identify those things that makes you hurt and give yo pain, but don't judge it instead seek to understand it. Treasured the peace of your yesterday, Reminisce those times even the every single moment that you have known as in peace, and return them in reality inside your heart, bring the and love of those circumstances to today's challenges. Let your soul away fro trouble , and if ever you can't reached the end of difficult times, soothe your heart with strength in a power beyond yourself. Peace is not simply a gift you hand to a friend, you can be however be that gift yourself..


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